The takeaway from An Xiao Ming’s Interview

Aaron Aguilera
2 min readOct 4, 2020

“The fact that we have a former reality television star as our President means that the boundaries between humor and serious are very difficult to discern. And so it kind of kills a joke in many ways jokes contain kernels of truth,”.

“A part of my writing about in breaking down these issues is that the serious cannot be silly and the silly cannot be serious,”.

- An Xiao Mina

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The Simpsons prediction of Trump’s death in 2000.

After watching this wonderful interview with Professor Gerson and the Author of Memes to Movements, An Xiao Mina. I’ve expanded my own filter bubble with two key quotes from her interview with Professor Gerson. There is a great gap of knowledge that people know about when evaluation of the news is supposed to be filtered. One thing that needs to be filtered is what the news is talking abut and the other thing that needs to get filtered is how the news anchor presents it. With prior knowledge from Professor Eisenstock’s News Literacy class, I’ve learned that with more news outlets not informing people on the straight to the point news and make the attempt to get a reaction out of the viewers. Being able to not “take the silly serious” is a very important step in utilizing your news filter bubble.